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I got my Maltipom, Bentley, from Tammy and I can't say enough good things about her or her puppies. The three that me or family members have brought home are absolutely the sweetest, best-natured dogs I've ever been around. Bentley had never been around kids before but was dragged around by two-year-old twins for an entire day and was perfectly happy with anything they did to him. I never considered myself a "small dog person," but with such good breeding and care as puppies, these are not your typical small dogs. They get along with any dog, cat, or person you put in front of them and were very smart and easy to train. I plan to always buy my puppies from Tammy and wouldn't send anyone anywhere else.
Amber Nixon
Dear Tammy,
When I started looking for a new puppy I didn't know if I should buy from someone on the internet or not. I really started to look closer to home. When I saw you had Malta-poms I decided to contact you. Our last dog was a Maltese and very special to us so my husband wanted another Maltese. Having worked, I met a few people who had poms and they were really sweet and cute, one had been a show dog. With you having Maltese and poms mixed that solved our problem. We both got what we wanted.
You impressed me with the way you talked about your puppies and the pictures you sent were great. I knew you cared about your puppies when I read that you would not ship them. I have heard horror stories about puppies/dogs and airlines...
We are so pleased with our puppy we bought from you and he is all and more than what we expected. He is the cutest and sweetest little thing. Of course, he is still a puppy and likes to chew stuff but all puppies do. He is probably one of the smartest little dogs I've ever seen. A fast learner. He already has learned some tricks at his young age.
Thanks for taking such good care of you animals because it shows. I am so happy I chose you to get my puppy from.
I just had to write you to let you know how grateful I am that I found you on the net and if you ever have anyone who wants to talk to someone before they buy from you, you are more than welcome to have them contact me.
Ann George
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Malti-poo Agility
Karen & Reese's boy
This puppy is everything I'd hoped for and more.

Rock-Solid Temperament. I think of temperament as the ability to handle new situations—places, noises, smells, people, floor surfaces, etc.  He has handled it all beautifully, starting with getting through our day of living in airports and planes fresh from his home with you.  Same thing with meeting many, many people every day— from a five-year old girl to a 90-year old woman, to people at my bank (where he opened his college fund!), to my accountant's office, where he calmly walked around on the receptionist's formica counter top, to his first off-lead walk, to meeting a baby guinea pig and a cat at my friends' boarding kennel.  Ran up the twelve carpeted steps in my Vermont house like a trooper. No problems. He takes it all in and is very relaxed. Never hyper or anxious.

As you know, I was worried about having a shy puppy.  Having been dog crazy since I was old enough to know what a dog was, ( over 60 years,) having had many dogs of several breeds, as well as breeding standard poodles for 25 years, and having met thousand and thousands of dogs through my work as founder and director of Camp Gone to the Dogs for 15 years, I have seen a lot of shyness, fear and aggression towards other dogs, sound sensitivity and separation anxiety.  He has none!

He is already a "car dog".  I take my dogs everywhere, temperature permitting, and he's already sat in the car with my other dogs while I've shopped, gone to meetings, etc. He is perfectly calm and at ease.  He truly amazes me as to all his has absorbed and easily dealt with in his 10 days with me.

Now there's the additional component of personality.  I am attracted to maltipoos because I love the brain and people-orientation of the poodle and the spunky, mischievous nature of the maltese.  He is pouring out those personality traits, scampering around fearlessly, telling me when he wants up on the bed, or not to close in his carrying case at the airport, to giving great eye contact, to playing with such zest that he is endlessly entertaining.  No pushover, but also sweet.  He will keep me on my toes, but then again, I didn't want a boring dog.

I am telling everyone  who meets him about what a fine job you do breeding and raising puppies.  Health-wise, all is fine, too. Though he still gets the high quality puppy food you feed, I must say that the chicken, cheese, steak, salami, smoked salmon and lobster macaroni and cheese he's had this week (mostly as treats) are NOT wreaking havoc with his intestinal tract. Beautiful little poops.

I'm happy that he is food oriented because that makes training so much easier.  So far he has learned a "recall", his name—Furrari and maybe, maybe, is getting the idea to go to the door for pees and poops  (my fault if I don't see him.)  All positive. I try to almost never use the word "no".  In fact, I've started to use the "conversational" method I use with all my dogs, basically explaining it to them and saying "thank you" when they respond.  He's listening once in a while.  Oh, he's doing the "paw" thing, too. Utterly cute.

Right now he is lying on the rug in my office playing with a toy he pulled out of the toy basket. He is next to my silver standard poodle Gallant, who is totally benevolent to him.  Yesterday Queen Zazzy, my three year old Maltipoo female, raced around playing with him, both ending up in the dog bed rolling around.  He has fit into my dog family very well and has excellent dog skills.

Thank you again for making this little miracle so he could be part of my life.

Honey Loring, M.A.Ed.
Founder, Camp Gone to the Dogs

Barkley is a malti-pom,I got barkley from Tammy in 2009 he is everything I wanted he is my shadow his coat is black and white he needs very little grooming I only trim his hair around his eyes and business end he has the best personality loves every one . I would buy again from Tammy a breeder that loves her animals.


We bought our little Izzy in January of 2010. She was paper trained and Tammy was wonderful in answering all of my questions. Our puppy is so sweet and loving. She loves EVERYONE! She has a great personality which I believe comes from Tammy and the way she loved her the first 9 weeks of her life. If we ever get another dog, we will go back to Tammy!


We bought our maltipoo from Tammy seven months ago--January 2010. He is absolutely adorable and very healthy. He was paper trained and we have since potty trained him outside. He is extremely intelligent and was very easy to puppy train. I love how much attention and love Tammy gives her dogs because it shows in their behavior. She was also very responsive to any question I had. You will love any dog she breeds.


We just bought a Malti Pom fom Tammy Jan. 24th. We lost a Malti Pom in Oct. we had him for 14 years and he had brought us so much joy we have been lost without him my Husband and I have been searching for Malti Poms and saw Tammys website we fell in love with the picture of Angel she looked a lot like our little ShuShu we drove from Florida to see her and she was more loveable than we expected. We have had her for four days and I can't believe how good and smart she is ,her first day outside she was going potty on her own,she is so loveable and playful. Malti Poms are a great breed we are so happy we saw Tammys website she is a very caring breeder and explains everything you need to know .We highly recommend her and hope that if you are searching for a dog to love and be a true companion buy one of her dogs.Thank-You again Tammy Earl and Karen Lesiege


We bought a maltipom from tammy and he couldn't be any cuter! He is almost 6 months old and is only 3.5 pounds! Tammy loves her doggies and wants to find good homes for them!My maltipom is very smart! and he rings a bell to go potty! they are easily trained and just ADORABLE!


I bought a puppy from Tammy one year ago. Our Miley is very social and out going. Sweet and never has so much as raised a lip. A co worker of mine met Miley and she decided to also fly over and bought Miley's brother. Tammy is a really nice lady who helped me in any way she could. I flew in to pick my puppy up and Tammy made it so easy. Thanks Tammy for supplying us with such a joy! Dawn


Our Maltese sisters are nothing but pure JOY! They are so loving and joyful because that is what Tammy is! Our vet has only praises for Tammy because of the healthy, happy little pups she breeds! Tammy deserves an award for her devotion to her pups and the care that she shows for both pup and family. She has been a great source of knowledge and help for us since bringing our babies home. We not only gained two precious babes but also a precious sister in Tammy! SOOOOOOOO if you are looking for a puppy, look no farther, you've found the right place! Thanks Tammy! Mildred...


Close to a year ago, I lost my pomeranian and my best friend to genetic defects due to improper breeding. I decided it was time to share my love once again and that's when I met Tammy. She took the time to get to know me, and helped match a pomeranian to me that she thought would be a good fit. Every week, Tammy would call me and give me updates on Archie...letting me know how he was progressing and growing. Tammy also would surprise me WEEKLY with pictures for my baby book that I created for him. When it came time for Archie to come home, Tammy ensured that his visit to the vet went well and we have had Archie over a month and we have been in contact several times. She cares about her animals, her facility is clean, she takes the time to get to know you, and because of her I am able to have a new best friend. Tammy..Thank you for EVERYTHING...buy a dog from this amazing woman...she is fantastic and so are her animals!

We are very happy with the service Tammy provided us and with the beautiful, happy, healthy puppy we bought. He is beautiful, loving, playful and we would highly recommend Tammy to anyone. She cares for her animals and it shows. Our young fellow got a very healthy rating form our Vet. Thanks to Tammy for the bundle of love. Marilyn 

The pup I purchased from Tammy has to be the cutest and most darling little boy I've ever seen. He is the best. Great disposition, easy to train and the most lovable little guy you'd ever want. Thanks Tammy for doing such a great job with your dogs. I might just have to buy another! Maryann


I spoke with breeder for a few weeks before I decided to purchase my puppy. Tami was very helpful and very knowledgeable about the breed. I flew to Georgia to pick up my puppy and was very happy with her. Tami did alot for me, including taking Izzy to the vet for a health guarinty. She has settled in at home in Minnesota now and is a wonderful addition to our family! Thank you Tami


I am so excited that I logged on to puppy find today, because speaking with her alone sold me on the puppy. She explained everything to me about the puppy and told me honestly if he was doing well or not. She is a very nice lady. I can't wait to get a hold of Midnite, THANKS MS. TAMMY!


I just bought a malti-pom from Tammy.She sent me pictures weekly and called me regularly about his development and status. Talking with her on the phone felt like talking with an old friend. I went to her house to get him , this lady eats, sleeps and breathes these little dogs- it`s her LIFE! Even after so many years of being in breeding, she was still in tears over a new litter that had just been born that day!! She kissed my little guy good bye like he was a child. It was SOOO sweet! I would recommend her any day! This totally made up for my 2 BAD experiences with breeders on here. THANKS TAMMY! Me n MOJO will keep in touch!


I purchased a Maltese-Pomeranian from Tammy on Feb. 7 and I couldn't be more pleased with this breeder. She takes extra care of her pups, even gives them Nutri-Cal vitamins. That says a lot of her concern and love of her pups. She seems very knowledgable of this breed and I'd recommend her to anyone. CH Waller Tullahoma, TN


I purchased a Maltese puppy from Tammy recently and she is an absolute beauty. Everywhere I go, I am complemented on how beautiful and precious she is. She is an absolute sweetheart and I love her to pieces. Tammy is a very caring breeder, I was able to come to her home and meet her bevy of beautiful pups as well as my pups dam and sire. I can't say enough about how glad I am that I purchased such a wonderful companion.


We have personally purchased two dogs from Tammy, but other members of my family have purchased dogs from her as well. We have been very pleased with the two dogs that we have. They have matured beautifully and are of great health and temperment. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a wonderful new addition to their family.

I have always thought about writing you about how appreciative I am of the puppy that I got from you about 6 years ago. Her name was originally Foxey, but I changed it to Tilleigh. It is so unbelievable how much personality she has. I get so many compliments from people including non-dog-lovers. She is so smart, maybe too smart. She is so adventurous, begs me for car rides, and is very talkative in the mornings. I could not have been more happy with getting her from you. My mother has even said if she ever gets another dog, she wants to buy from the breeder who bred my Tilleigh bear. Tilleigh is so unbelievably spoiled, and she knows she is a princess.  She was worth every bit of the drive from Charlotte, NC. 
Christine Turner


I apologize for this very out of the blue email. I met you way back in 2002 when I purchased my very first little Pomeranian. I was a teenager then and came to meet you with my mom. We named her Lola. 

Sadly, Lola left us this past weekend, but I can tell you that she lived a wonderful happy life. She was everyone's favorite pup. She was one of the sweetest and most well behaved dogs I have ever known. I eventually adopted 2 larger dogs, but Lola was always the boss. I am emailing you to thank you for being such a wonderful breeder. I know I owe a lot of who she was to the impeccable care she and her parents received with you. 

I don't think we are ready for a new pup quite yet but I feel that it will be something we would like to do in the next few months. I hope you don't mind if I contact you in a month or two to see if you might have any Pomeranian litters. 
Thank you again! I am forever grateful! 
Joelle Farley

Hi Tammy!  Just wanted to send you a picture of my sweet puppy. I have named her Mishka, which is Russian for "little bear" (those ears make me think of one!) and in Indian means "gift of love", which she truly is...she is a little firecracker and is bringing me much happiness. My friend Janie who was with me has a granddaughter who got a puppy from another breeder and they have been through a real ordeal with sickness, etc. Thank you so much for being the excellent breeder that you are. 
Best regards, Ginny Ramm

Hi Tammy!

Just wanted to follow up with you on my puppy, Mila! She is 5 months and a few days old and is perfectly happy & healthy according to our vet visit today! I just wanted to thank you for not only bringing such a cuddly, happy, and loving animal into my life, but for being so sweet and helpful during the process of trying to pick her up and even answering any questions I had once we got home. I could not have asked for a better dog or a better experience! I have recommended you multiple times and will continue doing so! Once again, thank you so much for my precious gift! 

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